Nanopay – A payroll software 

nanopay® (A Payroll system for Africa, a solution for small, medium and Large organizations)is a comprehensive payroll software designed by Nanosoft Technologies Limited.nanopay® is customised for 18 African countries , the software is designed to help you ffectively manage your payroll with minimum effort and full control.

Features & Benefits   Maintains unlimited number of employee records NANOPAY lets you create unlimited number of employee master files and offers advanced search capabilities to allow easy search of both current and old employee files.

Maintains a Comprehensive employee master file Lets you maintain a detailed employee master file including employee contacts, salary details, employee Passport photo & dependants.

Handles multiple Companies, Branches or Locations in one database Calculate payroll for multiple employers in the same database with the ability to assign employer-specific rates, ID numbers and more.Flexible reporting lets you get information out for each separate employer.   Maintains a detailed muster roll Lets you maintain a detailed muster roll in an easy to use monthly Calendar.

Helps you track attendance, absenteeism, leaves & Sick offs etc.   Integrates with Biometrics Time & Attendance systems Nanopay can be directly integrated with Nanosoft’s Biometrics Tme & attendance system thus eliminating human role in time management.

Manages Leaves effectively NANOPAY Payroll is able to handle both paid and unpaid leaves. Define unlimited types of leaves including Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, and Paternity Leave etc. tracks and maintain leave balances.   Handles unlimited number of Payroll Controls Define as many Payroll Controls as you require. Payroll Controls are any type of earning, benefit, deduction, Loan, hour etc that needs to be managed.Makes Processing Taxes Less Cumbersome Processes taxes quickly and easily. Automatically calculates taxes, deductions, and benefits for your organization and employees. NANOPAY provides tax table