Florena – A Flower Farm Management System

The software you need to effectively manage your farm with minimum effort and full control

Salient Features
Lets you track number of plants planted, per variety, area (Sqm), planting date, green house #, planting medium & breeder.

Production & Sales Forecasting

Provision for weekly, monthly & yearly production forecast per green house & variety. This feature calculates estimated availability of flowers per variety per length, lets you allocate estimated/ contracted sales volumes and provides weekly/ monthly excesses or shortages facilitating in organized sales planning. Provision for comparing actual and forecasted figures.
Production & Sales Forecasting

Track stems production per variety & per green house.

Output –
Production per green house & Variety.
Field damages per green house, variety & harvester.
Production per Square meters
Variety wise un-graded stock stem balances
Un-Graded Logical Stock Versus Physical Stock Variance report
Grading hall operations
Lets you track graded stem per green house, variety, length & grader. Also tracks stem rejects & reason for rejection.
Output –
Graded stems  stock balances, per Variety/Product, LengthOpening Bal+ Graded-Shipped=Graded Stock
Grading Bonus Calculation
Grading hall rejections analysis per variety
Graded stems Logical Stock Versus Physical Stock Variance

Weekly auction sales summary

Florena is able to handle shipments to both direct & auction customers. As well as do invoicing for direct clients. Since there is no invoicing for auction customers, florena lets you make weekly auction sales summary

Output –

Sales per Customer
Sales Per Variety
Sales Per Variety & Length
Sales Per Customer ,Variety & Length
Net return per Customer ,Variety & Length
Net return per Square Meter
Freight & Auction Costs

Florena gives you the flexibility to track freight & all your auction cost accounts.

Output –
Freight per stem
Auction cost (Individual Account) per stem
Freight per SQM
Auction cost (Individual Account) per SQM

Integrate with financial & payroll package

Flexible export facility enables export to most financial packages
What’s New
Integration with Bar-coding System
Ability to handle Multiple Mixed Bouquets
Ability to handle multiple Customer Product lines
Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Summaries
Friendly User interface
Import /Export to MS Excel
Support to Publish to PDF
3D Sales & production Graphs
Send email directly from the application
Faster & compact database
Dashboard to Key performance Indicators
Multiple Companies & Multiple farms support
Friendly& Quick Online Support

Comprehensive Security   & Detailed Audit Trail

Florena lets you define users and grant them different permissions and there after maintains a detailed audit trail of all user’s actions.