Service Overview

We offer Biometric system in the form of fingerprint reader. There are two components Bio Sentry ETH: This is a metal body structure which can be fitted on to a wall. The front of the body has a censor which reads finger print when placed against and identifies them against once saved in its memory. The device has two buttons showing in and out and the employees are required to press the appropriate one at the time of entry or exit. Bio Sentry XS: This component is used to register an employee into the system by recording his fingerprint. The fingerprint impressions are then transferred to ETH device to perform the matching operation.

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Unique Features & Advantages?

Fast, Accurate and Reliable method for employee identity and time tracking. It takes less than a second to read a fingerprint. Can be connected to the main system through cabled network, wireless network or remote network Strong and sturdy devices and components designed to work under adverse conditions Extremely sensitive censor that can read fingerprints that are oily/ greasy or even for field workers or for employees engaged in manual jobs Supported by a powerful and comprehensive software that can produce various reports of substance The system can be interconnected to any Payroll program The devices have a One year Warranty against breakdown or mechanical fault Nanosoft provides 24/7 support for the system throughout the period of usage

Software Features?Software Features?

The system is supported by a very powerful and extensive Time and Attendance software. The software can be customized to incorporate requirements of specific organizations
The software can produce various reports such as:Muster roll report , Time off report, Leave report, Absence report, Overtime report, Late coming reportHours worked report, Exception reports, Any other report as required

Our USP.
Its an IP 66 machine.It is specifically made to sustain harsh climatic conditions
The most important part of this device is the sensor. The sensor used in our product is from SAGEM a reputed company in France. This will not fail when there are greasy fingers using it of mill workers, or rough climatic conditions in flower farms etc. Its a sturdy machine